222 Forecaster

What is the 222 Forecaster? It is a methodology that utilizes the recognition of specific price patterns in accordance with Fibonacci number sequences to determine potential reversal points (based upon support and resistance) in the Futures markets.

How to use the 222 Forecaster:

  • Determine where the most recent swing high or low market price is.
  • Wait for the swing high and swing low to form before making calculations.
  • In a bullish trend, calculate the calculate market price from the swing low to the swing high.
  • In a bearish trend, calculate market price from the swing high to the swing low.
  • You will make calculations based upon the market price of the wicks on the swing highs and lows
All traders who purchase our 222 trading indicators, will have free access to the 222 Forecaster. Also, traders requesting a free trial of our indicators, will have free access to the 222 Forecaster for the duration of their free trial.
*The meaning of Forecaster in our context is not meant or implied to foresee time and/or price in any financial market. It is only used in reference as an analytical mathematical concept to assist in detecting market price areas of support and resistance based upon past market price movement.