222CCI Indicator

The 222CCI indicator measures momentum and price action. It shows when momentum is increasing and decreasing. Combined with our other 222 trading tools, it helps traders find potential entry/exit areas.

222SWING Indicator

The 222Swing indicator plots (according to floor pivots) areas to expect long/short entries, potential targets, and limit orders.


The 222TRENDPIVOT indicator is designed to appear when there is a potential reversal expected. The 222TREND indicator can assist the trader in knowing in which direction the market trend is going and the 222Pivots are designed to facilitate where to expect major support, resistance, and breakout areas.


222TRADER is an autotrading strategy designed to work with/without our indicators. It can be operated to place/exit trades automatically and/or it can be activated/deactivated with a click of a button to use in semi-trading mode.