222 Forecaster Trading System calculates price-points in the S&P 500 market where institutional traders are more likely to enter and exit their trades. This in turn, helps the average trader trade along with them, and not against them.
The 222 Forecaster is based upon the principles of W.D. Gann using complex algorithms which work on finding areas where there will be a very high probability of reaction to market prices -usually to the tick.
222 Trading System is formulated to work exclusively for S&P 500, but it can also be used with gold.
There is a very small learning curve, but once you learn it, you’ll be amazed by its power and simplicity.
Once you have been approved for a 222 Trading LLC business Net 15 account, you may use your trade line to purchase our trading indicators and other downloadable digital goods (customized indicators and trading E-books).
Your 222 Trading LLC Net 15 account must be paid in full within 1-15 business days unless other accommodations have been approved. Keep in mind, that we do report all payments made on time (as well as payments made late) to any trade reference inquiring about your company.